Athens Residency

 Athens Residency

"The physical practices serve as our medium for providing these children and young adults with an opportunity and a structure to be challenged physically and mentally, to focus, to work together, to learn to channel their energy, strength, determination, and courage healthfully and productively, and to have fun and feel connected while doing so!"

- Leah Barsher 2018

“We close our workshops with a sitting circle where we give the participants an opportunity to reflect and share something that they loved - something that made them feel strong, proud, or happy, or what they feel best at. In very few words and with the help of some young, excited translators, we are hearing many remarks of happiness. But even beyond words, we can feel the pleasure they are taking in their accomplishments. The feeling of being seen and supported shines through their smiles.”

- Leah Barsher, 2018