Mobile Geodesic Circus Dome

Bringing a magical and safe space into refugee camps in the form of a mobile circus tent to promote focus, shade and color.


The dome enables a needed container for focus on the circus activities as well as the ability to teach aerial lyra, silks and dance trapeze. All that is great and in addition something we have all noticed is that constructing the dome may be challenging gender stereotypes. Young boys and girls, men and women, people from different cultures, the ministry of migration and other organisations we work with look at us with surprise and curiosity that women would be doing this kind of work.



The CircusAid Geodesic Dome was built in Corfu in early 2018 designed and guided by architect Aris Varagoulis. After our first year in refugee camps in Athens building up the dome over 30 times, we returned to Corfu to contribute the structure to community events as a thank you to the place and people who contributed their time, skills and support of CircusAid projects. Please see our engineer report here