Dome Build

The dome was a new contribution to the CircusAid project this year as it enables a needed container for focus on the circus activities as well as the ability to teach aerial lyra, silks and dance trapeze. All that is great and in addition something we have all noticed is that constructing the dome may be challenging gender stereotypes. Young boys and girls, men and women, people from different cultures, the ministry of migration and other organisations we work with look at us with surprise and curiosity that women would be doing this kind of work. When receiving 'mansplaining' about how we should be working we politely and firmly express that we do not need guidance but could use help in other ways as long as people are happy to take direction from a predominantly women lead build crew. Some men leave in confusion and others stay on and are very helpful. Challenging others views on “women’s work” was not an original intention of the dome though it has been rewarding to see how camp residents and workers of different ages and ethnicities have been accepting and normalizing women building and constructing a 1 ton steel structure in the camps multiple times per week.