Donate and Collaborate


Holistic Circus Therapy (HCT) LLC is the main financial donor for CircusAid. HCT follows a social enterprise model that donates 100% of its yearly profits to CircusAid programs. HCT is an occupational therapy private practice that provides occupational therapy services, professional development trainings and corporate team building workshops. HCT has been able to support CircusAid projects with profits received by providing services to the following organizations: 

  • The New York City Department of Education

  • International Circus organizations: CircusOZ, Flipside Circus, Warehouse Circus, NoFit State Circus, Streetwise Community Circus and more...

We still need your help to enable CircusAid projects to run continually and be sustainable. Please click on the link above to make a tax deductible donation. For more information on this year’s Athens project click here

CircusAid Partners