Building Resilience and Community Connection


CircusAid promotes positive social and emotional health for political and environmental refugees by creating opportunities for problem solving, teamwork, increased self confidence and most of all, joy and laughter through engagement in circus activities during the resettlement process.

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Who we are

CircusAid  is  an occupational  therapy  social  enterprise  that  provides  professional  development trainings  and  services  that  utilize  circus  as  an  educational  and  therapeutic  tool. CircusAid’s  programs  are  grounded  in  evidence  based  practices  developed  through occupational  therapy  and  social  circus  research.  CircusAid  projects  help  people displaced  by  war  and  natural  disasters  attain  transferable  life  skills  to  promote greater success in unstable physical and political environments.

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Need for aid in 2019

Approximately 1.4 million people will be in need of resettlement globally in 2019, representing a 17% increase from 2018. -UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency)

From the voices of CircusAid Participants

”Circus makes me happy.”
”It is beautiful.”
”The people that come here they love the children they take care of the children there is love here.”
”Fun. All the things (activities) are good and funny”
” It (circus) makes me feel strong and happy”
”(In circus) I learn to play. I thought I can’t play but I can play something.”
”(I feel) happy, relaxed and tonight sleep very good”
”(I) feel relaxed after circus. I want to come back every time.”